About Us

Behind the idea of the project stand two young people whose friendship and commitment started in welfare. Since then their shared interests have never been separated.

Thomas C. Tröger is a young filmmaker who accompanies the project artistically. His aim and main duty is to document the whole project and capture every step and every event of our journey. He is working on a broad and versatile documentation in the official weblog www.schicktunsnachlissabon.at and a documentary.

> Thomas C. Tröger
> 03/15/1986
> Vienna
> Director

Silvio Zanchetta is an open-minded and committed young person. His main duty is the planning and organization of the project. He has professional experience in the management area and a very affectionate way in the interaction with other people. He is one of the responsible directors of the project.

Silvio Zanchetta < 
10/30/86 < 
Hallein < 
Director < 

It needs a competent team that you can rely on to realize such a project!

> Markus Weichselbraun
 > Management

Markus is the PR coordinator of SCHICKT UNS NACH LISSABON. He started working on the project in the beginning of 2011. Since then he is in the core team of the project.
He is one of the responsible directors of the education project WHATCHADO.

Judith Eckl < 
Eventmanagement < 

Judith has been working at the project from the very beginning. At first she started with designing the logo and actively supported us at the first charity concerts, today she is an indispensable member of our project. In December 2011 she finished her studies of Architecture at the Technical University of Graz and works for the “Ashraya Initiative for Children”, an NGO that runs an orphanage and several outreach programs in a slum in Pune, India.

> Lauretta Konradi
 > PR

Lauretta is the newest addition to our team. She started participating in November 2011 and is now responsible for the public appearance of the project and for networking.
Lauretta finished the Masters program for political science in Vienna and works in the area of marketing and communication.

Other Members:
Alexandra Eder, Laura Linde, Katrin Weichselbraun, Werner Hübl, Martina Lang,
Vreni Haseke, Sina Henjes, Birgit Biber, Meike Ellmer and many more…
Weblog: Kerstin Blumenstein