About the Project

The project SCHICKT UNS NACH LISSABON (SEND US TO LISBON) is an extraordinary fundraiser that works together with SOS-Children’s Village. The aim is to finance a new transporter for the SOS-Children’s Village in Bicesse (near Lisbon).

The mission is unique, because the actual idea of the project starts when all the money for the bus is raised. Kids from an Austrian SOS-Children’s Village will design the bus and the transporter becomes a sign of a global connection between vulnerable children with similar backgrounds. We ourselves will be ambassadors of the idea and drive the bus from Austria to Portugal and hand it over to the SOS-Children’s Village in Bicesse. The bus is a symbol for united help and a sign for community.

The main part of the money will be raised during three different charity concerts that can be followed on our calender of events If in addition you want to donate, we would be very happy about your support on the SOS-Children’s Village project page!

Our aim is that everybody, who supports us has the possibility to follow our project from the very beginning until the very end. To make this possible, every step und every event is documented on www.schicktunsnachlissabon.at and will be summarized in a documentary.

We count on YOUR support!