A Day Full of Highlights

2. August 2012 in Fotos, Roadtrip

I think it was never as difficult as today to write an entry for our blog. It is really difficult not to describe this day with stereotyped phrases (it is difficult to put it in words, etc.), but it IS difficult to put in words, what we experienced today.
The actual plan was another one. We didn’t want to stay long in Marseille, because we heard that the city is really dangerous and we just wanted to visit the SOS-Children’s Village, have our painting event and then drive on to Barcelona. In the end we stayed until today in the evening, because we couldn’t just leave this place with those wonderful people here.
After a party that happened coincidentially, we set up our stuff in the villa where usually the parents of the Children’s Village kids can stay overnight. We were exhausted from the journey and slept immediately after summing up the experiences of the last days together.
Once you have the chance to sleep in a real bad, you want to sleep as long as possible. We did that and when we packed the bus for the next step of the journey, Chausette, a SOS-Children’s Village mother saw us and offered to go shopping for us, she even invited us for lunch. The generosity of those people, that dedicate their lives the work with other people, is still very surprising. We happily accepted the offer and soon found ourselves in Villa 10. We were a big attraction for the kids and they thought it was so funny to play table soccer with Silvio or touch his hair (that we coloured red yesterday at night!) and to communicate with us in several languages.
Those kids are adorable. They showed us around in their rooms and complimented us, wanted to sit next to us at the table and to play with us.
Chausette, the Children’s Village mother, was incredibly helpful. She helped us to find a top for the gas cartouche and to repair Susi’s bracelet, that dissolved at the Villa. In the end she was a huge help, when we shot some driving scenes through Marseille.
Whatever one might say about Marseille. We have met a lot of great people and swam in the clearest water. It was beautiful and overwhelming. It was touching and emotional. It was family and friendship. It was great!

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  • Silvio Senjor schrieb am 2. August, 2012, %I:%M %p:

    Hallo Ihr Lieben! Ein tolles Erlebnis was ihr da beschrieben habt.Ich hätte nicht gedacht das Ihr überall so herzlich empfangen werdet aber ich muss auch sagen das es auch an Euch liegt weil Ihr mit den Menschen (Kindern)es versteht umzugehen!Ich bewundere euch dafür den es nicht selbstverständlich das Jugendliche in der heutigen Zeit so was durchziehen!Ihr seid der Beweis dafür das die heutige Jugend doch mehr drauf hat als immer gesagt wird!Könnte mir vorstellen das euch diese Reise irgendwo prägt den die vielen Posetiven Ehrfahrungen die Ihr da macht nicht “OHNE” sind! Wünsch euch weiterhin viel Glück und haltet die Ohren steiff !!!
    PS.: Werde natürlich alles weiter verfolgen und freue mich drauf!
    Liebe Grüsse Silvio Senjor!

  • hp schrieb am 2. August, 2012, %I:%M %p:

    Hallo ihr 4,

    ich finde es beeindruckend, solche Bilder zu sehen und solche Worte zu lesen. Hut ab vor eurer Aktion ….

    Alles Liebe & Gute

    Tom’s senior

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The first Days

1. August 2012 in Roadtrip, Videos

A short abstract of the first days on a wonderful journey through whole Europe.

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Vive la Famille

1. August 2012 in Fotos, Roadtrip

We are stressed, because we need to upload a videoclip that we have to confirm with SOS-Children’s Village. We search for some internet café and it takes 4 hours to upload the video. So our stress is gone for some time. There’s no other way then relax – for everybody except Tom, who is still working on the videoclip.
The rest ist walking up and down the streets of Frejus, where we had our „camp“ for the night next to a Roman Amphitheater. A day that started very stressful in the morning (Judy wakes Silvio with the words: It’s five past Nine.“ Reaction Silvio: Ok, let’s go!) suddenly becomes very calm. No driving office, no music in the background, just some people in the humid basement oft he Internet café of Frejus.
Immediately after uploading the stress comes back and we have to go. We are on our way to Marseille.
The way to the SOS-Children’s Village in Marseille is more complicated then expected. When we arrive there we get the warmest welcome. They have waited for us for a long time and also worked on translating our slogan. One boy is allowed to write the letters and the younger ones are allowed to colour them.
The director asks us to stay for the night, one Children’s Village mother takes us to the beach and also picks us up there again. After that there is a party for one child that starts to study and one mother that retires. Weg et Pizza and desserts. Everybody is really nice and helpful.
We shoot an interview with the director of the Children’s Village and now we are sitting in one of the houses and are allowed to use the internet here. After several days on the road we enjoy the indulgence of a normal house.

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  • Brigitte Kubi schrieb am 1. August, 2012, %I:%M %p:

    Toll!!!! Genießt den Tag im Luxus!!!!!

  • conny (Silvio, Mam) schrieb am 1. August, 2012, %I:%M %p:

    Hallo ihr Lieben – Eure Beiträge und Fotos sind Super, freu mich für Euch das alles so toll ist. Passt auf euch auf hab euch lieb – Bussi Conny

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Clash of Cultures

31. July 2012 in Fotos, Roadtrip

At half past four, we finally had a place to sleep that was perfect as we realized in the morning, when the Spanish guy in the mobile home next to us gave us some espresso. We also were directly at the coast and the fort he first time during this trip we could swim in the sea. We slept in the bus next tot he coastal road near Savona and honestly; it wasn’t that bad. Today we went from Savona to Monaco.
When driving the Circuit de Monaco several times, one can become a little unrealistic. We so didn’t fit in the Ferraris and Bentleys that are driving there.
Again team Silvio – Bus had to show its talent in driving steep roads and in the end we made it to Cannes, where we had some kebap . to protect our wallets.
Right now we are still astonished and impressed, as we saw the most wonderfully dekadent fireworks ever with the background music of Edith Piaf and Co. We were watching this perfectly choreographed event for half an hour at the Croisette.
In our lovely hippie-bus we’ll now search for a place to stay fort he night.

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  • Brigitte Kubi schrieb am 31. July, 2012, %I:%M %p:

    tolle fotos, genießt eure reise und bin schon gespannt auf neuigkeiten lg Brigitte

  • Silvio Senjor schrieb am 31. July, 2012, %I:%M %p:

    Hallo Ihr Lieben! Bin jeden Tag neugierig auf eure Erlebnisse und die Schönen Fotos.Da könnte man vor Neid platzen! Viel Glück und macht so weiter! Liebe Grüsse Silvio S.

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A Day, Dedicated to the Documentary

30. July 2012 in Fotos, Roadtrip

Most of the time today we stayed at the SOS-Children’s Village Summercamp in Caldonazzo. After the breakfast with some of the tutors we had our “Italian” writing event with some of the kids. At first there was a huge chaos, but soon the Italian girls were working very structured and organized and were finished quite soon. Some of the kids were late, but still could colour the letters and with that became an important part of our idea to make the bus a symbol that is carried through Europe.
In the summercamp the people were very interested in our project and it was no problem to find great interview partners for our documentary. Noon and afternoon were dedicated to the life in the camp. We are really thankful that we could spend at least some time in Caldonazzo and that we got to know so many wonderful and interesting people. It was a huge enrichment for us personally and for our project.
After packing our “driving office” we started the journey to Genug. This time we took motorways to guarantee that we could work calmly. Tom set up his working space in the back row. There he reviewed the film material and prepared to cut the first video clip.
The drive to Genua was really comfortable, we just had a little problem when driving off the motorway at the toll station, where the bounds didn’t want to let us drive through. We had to use hands and feet and some Italian words to explain to the toll guy that we actually had paid already and that we really wanted to pass.
For several hours already we are searching for wifi, so that we can write our promised daily update for today. We finally found a small hotel that allowed us to use their internet. Now we are sitting on the steps in front of the hotel in a small street and write for you guys. It’s already two o’clock already and we still don’t have a place to sleep, but we are positive that we will find a nice comfortable place to stay.

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  • Brigitte Eckl schrieb am 30. July, 2012, %I:%M %p:

    Hallo, ihr Lieben! Ich freue mich mit euch. Der Besuch im SOS-Kinderdorf Sommercamp war sicherlich sowohl für die Kinder als auch für euch ein unvergessliches Erlebnis. Das Beschriften des Busses zur Förderung des länderübergreifenden Gemeinschaftssinnes finde ich übrigens super! Hoffentlich habt ihr euch endlich gut ausschlafen können! Liebe Grüße und alles Liebe, Brigitte und Peter

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