On the Wave

6. August 2012 in Fotos, Roadtrip

Today in the morning at three o’clock we finally found the beach near Bilbao that we so wanted to see. Before that we were driving around without any plan for three hours and also took five Spanish guys with us that finally showed us the way to the beach.
This day started humid. For the first time during this journey it was raining heavily, but we didn’t want that to disturb us and we really wanted to see that great beach. Rock formations that might have told us long stories built a frame around the sandy bay. The weather must have been perfect for all the surfers that used the morning hours to enjoy their passion. Alone with the sea, feeling the adrenaline, when you see your wave and jump into the water to ride it.
We interview some surfers and drive in direction of Galicia. We reach Langreo, where we want to camp at a river.

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    Schickt uns nach Lissabon…

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    Read up about England on Wikipedia…

    Schickt uns nach Lissabon…

  • Babsi schrieb am 7. August, 2012, %I:%M %p:

    Wow, ich muss sagen, ich bin wirklich begeistert von den tollen Fotos und Berichten! Das Problem ist nur, dass ich extremes Fernweh bekomme ;-)
    Judy, das Kopftuch steht Dir extrem gut!

  • Brigitte Kubi schrieb am 6. August, 2012, %I:%M %p:

    Wow wieder so schöne Bilder und ein schöner Bericht, freue mich jeden Tag auf euren Bericht,freue mich auch das ihr so schöne, aufregende, auch mal anstrengende und auch berührende Erfahrungen machen dürft, lg

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hot and cold

5. August 2012 in Fotos, Roadtrip

We decided to drive more rural roads to make it more interesting for the documentary and also for us. A guide for bikers was our reference for the drive that – with the help of the light of the moon – could have been a scene from a horror movie. Maybe that’s why nobody wanted to help us, wenn wie were asking them on the roadside. In front of the bar Las Vegas in El Temple, a place in the middle of nowhere, where you are not allowed to drive more then 20km/h, we found some younger people (in contrast to the 80year old other inhabitants of the village) that explained us the way to the artificial lake (Silvio: “Where is the sea?”), where we wanted to go. They didn’t really understand why we wanted to drive there is the middle of the night.
We didn’t find the lake, but just because we gave up to early, and set up our camp at a canal. For the first time, we also set up the tent.
The next day started like so many of our days at about half past nine. We had breakfast and tidied our bus (like every day: until the night the bus is all messy and we have to tidy it again the next morning. People need regularity!)
We drove through the Pyrenees and had a bath in a mountain river. Again such a great place to have a swim!
Just a little further, we had lunch at another artificial lake. The whole shore around the lake was dry, the grass burned. There where dead trees lying around, just as if somebody had placed them for a Western. Just some kilometers later – another landscape. It looked like home, just like in the mountains. The architecture of the houses was different and some of the trees didn’t fit into the picture.
We drove on small roads, so that we could see the landscape better and we stopped at a small restaurant close to San Sebastian, because we hadn’t interacted with anybody this day. We had to change as the temperature was 15 less than just some hours before. For the first time during this journey there were clouds.
We waited long in front of the restaurant, but the innkeeper was more interested in the Olympic Games than in us. He had some kind of public viewing with some of his friends and wasn’t really happy, when we came in and ordered something.
Our goal for today was San Sebastian, after that we will drive to Bilbao.

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  • Silvio Senjor schrieb am 5. August, 2012, %I:%M %p:

    Hallo ihr Lieben! Wenn ich jeden Tag euren Bericht lese und die Fotos dazu betrachte ist einfach gigantisch! Passt gut auf euch auf und bleibt gesund.Freue mich jeden Tag auf euren Bericht und die Aufnahmen.

  • Brigitte Kubi schrieb am 5. August, 2012, %I:%M %p:

    coole Bilder, wünsche euch weiterhin Ohren steif halten, viele Begegnungen und auch einige Verschnuafpausen. Lg Brigitte

  • ^Brigitte Eckl schrieb am 5. August, 2012, %I:%M %p:

    Hallo, ihr Lieben!

    Sind soeben von unserem Kurzurlaub in Salzburg eingetroffen und haben nun endlich wieder Internetzugang. Gerade habe ich mit großem Interesse eure Kommentare, Fotos und auch das Video angesehen. Sehr beeindruckend und rührend!!! Eur Reise scheint wunderschön, abenteuerlich und zugleich sehr anstrengend zu sein. Ich wünsche euch weiterhin viel Glück und auch ein paar Erholungspausen!

    Liebe Grüße,

    Brigitte und Peter

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4. August 2012 in Roadtrip

We already travelled for one week and this marks half of the journey and the point on which it is time to recap and not just write another abstract of the day. I want to write that as myself – as Judy – to be able to describe the feelings and dynamics a little better and most of all more personally.

We are a team that consists of a lot of different people. Every one of us has a different background and another motivation to be on this journey, but I can notice that from day to day our stories grow together a bit more. We stick together a bit more, we never let anybody alone and decide everything together.

The preperations for this journey were not always easy, our Skype conferencies every weekend were exhausting and the preparatory work was not always a lot of fun. The common goal was always there and even if we sometimes lost track a little, we never forgot about it.

I always saw the jounrey as a test; a test, if we could work as a community and I have to admit that I was not sure, how this would end. The last week showed that we are a team. Every character in our group works with the other three and we still let everybody take the time they need for themselves. These dynamics are not normal. I personally think it works, because we trust in each other that much. I know for a fact that every one of the three others when driving the bus, will bring me to the next stop safely; I know that we respect ourselves and our wishes for this journey; I know that I can learn a lot of every one of them and that we inspire each other.

We write a diary every evening. In the beginning we saw it as a personal abstract for the documentary; like this every one would have the chance to help with the film. In the meantime I realized that the diary is a chance to progress the many many impressions that we have without breaks. Every evening I realize something beautiful and new; I get to know myself a little better and find out a little more how many layers our project has and how much more it is than just a journey.

The people we get to know inspire me – all of us – in addition to that. The reactions to our idea touch me. The people see things that we never thought about; like Chausette, die Children’s Village mother, that saw us as a rolemodel; as an example for concrete help.

Behind us are 2500 kilometers, a week with nothing but highlights; we found a lot of new friends and we found out that our team works great together; in front of us are a lot of surprises and a lot of emotions. We are looking forward to that!

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    Schickt uns nach Lissabon…

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Drama, Baby… Drama

4. August 2012 in Fotos, Roadtrip

Enough is enough. Today every one of us had a moment, when things just got a little out of control. Going out yesterday and not enough sleep in the night were intensified by the growing exhaustion from the last days. Nothing really worked out as planned and we are late in our plan for the journey.
Already in the morning Susi had a small circulatory collaps and til now she has a stomachache, Tom was down, when he realised that we most probably won’t have mobile internet in Spain, Silvio was disappointed when he became aware of the price of the entrance into Camp Nou – 23 Euros and Judy had some histamin shock with tachycardia and the like.
This all sounds really depressing, but we are actually not depressed. Despite all that we have experienced a lot. Yesterday we were walking around in the bars of the gothic quarter and today we did some sightseeing with our bus to see Gaudí’s buildings and Camp Nou. In the morning Silvio went to see the best and nicest hairdresser in the world. (for free: eye brow and beard (!) twitching for Judy – there was no way out and suddenly the few hairs were gone, although Osman probably was the only one that saw them as a problem!)
Our next stop will be in the Pyrenees, where we hope to find a nice place for our driving home.

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  • angela tröger wieser schrieb am 4. August, 2012, %I:%M %p:

    dann wünsche ich eine ruhige und schöne weiterreise …. lg angela

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To the End of the World and Back

3. August 2012 in Fotos, Roadtrip

Yesterday – after our wonderful stay in Marseille – we didn’t really have any idea where to go next. We knew that we wouldn’t reach Barcelona in one day, so we decided to drive at least to Spain and then search for some nice place there. As usual, we drove to the sea – to Figueres and Roses and then further and further to the end of the road. Some steps led us down to the sea, the full moon was shining over some fisher boats and we had some beer to finish our beautiful day.
We were not sure, if we could park there, so we drove back a little to an abandoned parking space that turned out to be the parking space of a popular bathing spot. We were sleeping the whole night next to the beach and didn’t know it.
Since we finally have the top of the cartouche, we can even cook. So today for the first time we had coffee in the morning – perfect after another night in the bus.
Parking next to the beach means you have to go swimming and having an underwater body for the camera means you have to film underwater scenes. Diving, taking photos and filming took us some time and Judy really has to practise a lot so that there will be nice shots of her awell – diving 1m deep i­s just not enough…
We drove back to the full moon place a­t the end of the road, cooked a delicious lunch and recaped our impressions and feelings of the last days in some short clips.

Boarding completed! We get in the bus and jet to Barcelona. Now we want to experience the city. Hostel at the Ramblas, tapas, a Guinness for Silvio, everything that we need! We’ll tell you about it tomorrow. Over and out!

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  • Der geheime Bruder schrieb am 3. August, 2012, %I:%M %p:

    Nein ernsthaft, gibt es denn Schöneres???

    Wünsch euch vieren weiterhin Alles Gute! PS: Ich empfehle euch falls ihr noch weiter in den Süden von Spanien reisen solltet eine Flasche heimischen Sangre de Toro! legen …. wait for it….. dary

  • Der geheime Bruder schrieb am 3. August, 2012, %I:%M %p:

    Wahnsinn! Das klingt ja sowas von genial…. Abenteuer pur und gleichzeitig sozial! Gibt es denn schöneres?

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