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Coming Home

13. August 2012 in Fotos, Roadtrip | 2 Kommentare »

We are on our way back home. It’s banal. We take the plane and have to transfer in Palma de Mallorca. It’s a strange feeling to see the countries that we’ve been to from above. It feels so abstract, so far away.
The last days in the SOS-Children’s Village in Bicesse were recreative for body and soul. We had time to experience the children’s village and get to know the kids and we could finally relax.
Bicesse is a small town half an hour drive from Lisbon. You can see the sea from the children’s village and the beaches there are beautiful. Once driving through the gate, you immediately see the white houses and a lot of green.
The first night already, we realized how naturally we were a part of the community. All the children’s village mothers and all the kids saw us as friends. Especially the director of the children’s village, Salvador, became a real good friend to us.
He made sure all the time that we got everything we need and fatherly cared for us. He is THE children’s village father and by far the most patient person one could imagine. He loves all “his” kids and is very proud of them. He is a calm person, but what he says has power. We are all really happy that we could meet him.
The farewell was really sad. We did some final interviews and suddenly everything was really stressful. We had a quick lunch at one of the houses and then we already had to leave for the airport.
We were all sad, when we finally had to say goodbye to Salvador in Lisbon, but we hope that we will see him again.

When we started this journey we were colleagues. We had organized a lot together, we had worked together, but we didn’t know each other really well. After this journey we are close friends, a real team. Nobody can take away the great memories from us and we grew with our experiences.
Our journey is finished, but our way together is not. So don’t forget us, there will be a lot more from us!

Family in Galician

9. August 2012 in Fotos, Roadtrip | 4 Kommentare »

The morning of today was quite exciting again. Susi was still at the hospital and we didn’t really know, if she would be allowed to go. A funny Spanish doctor – Dr. Herreros Sande, who was teaching an intern at the same time, when he was in our room and showed us pictures from Vienna on his I-Phone, finally allowed her to leave and told me to make sure, that she’ll go back to any hospital as soon as she: has high fever, is in pain or starts vomiting.
We were so happy to have our Susi back!
Immediately after her release we started to drive to the SOS-Children’s Village in Redondela. It was nice to be looking forward to such a visit again. In Redondela we got the warmest welcome and we got feeded at once. The director knew already about Susi’s problem and therefore did everything to make it as comfortable as possible for all of us.
We had another drawing session with the kids and they decided to write the slogan “todos juntos como hermanos.” (all together like siblings) on the bus. They were shouting so loud. We’ve never experienced that in another children’s village. The Spanish have a very special temper.
After driving to the beach with the kids for some time, we went back to the children’s village and had a shower in the house, where we can stay for today. We will stay until 3 in the morning and then start our last part of the journey to Bicesse. We have to catch up!
An educator from the village gave us a great interview. The village in Redondela is really interesting, because it works different from other children’s villages that we’ve seen so far. The most important here is the environment in wchich the kids are raised. There is a hen coop and a greenhouse. Like that the children learn how much work it is to produce edibles.
We will try to relax a little, because we have to drive quite far tomorrow. We also have to clean the bus and make it ready to hand it over to the kids in Bicesse. We are looking forward a lot to tomorrow, although we are already used to our bus and we’ll surely miss it a lot.


8. August 2012 in Fotos, Roadtrip | 12 Kommentare »

It came as we had feared and Susi had to stay in the hospital, because she still had high fever and we wouldn’t have been able to go on driving with her in that state. We stayed one more day in the beautiful city of Lugo. So that Susi could rest and recover a little. Right now we are sitting in the same café as yesterday, just this time there are three of us.
Except the fact that Susi was admitted to the hospital, this day was really relaxing for us, because it was the first day on this journey on which we didn’t drive for hours and hours. The most important thing today was to find a possibility to have a shower. The last time weh ad a shower was in Barcelona. At a small public pool we found showers with icecold water. We also took the chance to wash some of our laundry. The Galicians were quite surprised when they saw us drying the laundry at the pool.
In the meantime Susi was in the hospital all day. Although the day was really relaxing for us, we thought a lot about our Susi. After ten days of being on the road together, the four of us build an unseparable community and it it sad and strange that she is not with us, but tomorrow we’ll have her back!
We have a tight schedule, tomorrow we have an appointment in Redondela and the day after tomorrow we will hand over the bus tot he children in Bicesse near Lisbon.
Just two more days on the road and still we are looking forward to a lot more adventures. Not a lot of our plans for this journey really worked out on time, so it is always a surprise, where we end up every evening and from where we write the posts.

Vicky, Christina, Barcelona meets Lucus Augusti

7. August 2012 in Fotos, Roadtrip | 7 Kommentare »

Yesterday evening, we found a great place to sleep! In the middle of the forest between wolves and eagle owls. Around a bonfire we recapped our journey – it is difficult for us, to make you understand all our experiences, because of the speed of the journey and the whole work with documenting it. Time seems to fly and the experiences seem to just pass us.

The next day in the morning, we are woken by cows and their bells – a day that starts like that just has to be adventurous! We were searching for a laundrette and started in the next big city that we found in our map – Oviedo and we suddenly found ourselves on the set of Vicky Christina Barcelona by Woody Allen. We didn’t find a laundrette, but we had a little snack in the city center.

Suddenly everything happened really fast. We would have never thought, that something like that could happen. Right now we are sitting in the Lucus Augusti Hospital in Lugo and Susi already got an infusion – it is two o’clock in the morning and we are waiting for the examination results.
Already in Barcelona she was suffering from a bellyache. Our Susi is tough, but today she couldn’t stand it any longer. She was in pain whenever there was a bump on the street. Already for four days she was shivering and the pains in her belly became worse and worse. Whenever we asked her to see a doctor or go to the hospital, she refused. We think that she wanted to bear her pains for the group and the project, but in the end it was too much for her and we drove her to the hospital in Lugo. For already five hours we are sitting next to Susi who is totally exhausted and has 39,7°C fever, but who is still filming us from her bed.
We are still waiting for the results. In this moment we don’t really know how to go on. Will Susi be fit enough to travel on with us or does she have to stay in the hospital??? Does she have to get surgery? (the symptoms might indicate appendicitis) The question is: how will we be able to keep our schedule. Tomorrow (Tuesday) we should be at the SOS-Children’s Village in Redondela. There the last drawing workshop before Lisbon will be held. We have to be in Bicesse (near Lisbon) just two days later.

We hear steps and the empty corridor of the hospital that approach our room. After all that waiting, we finally know. In Spanish and some English the doctor tells us the diagnosis: pyelonephritis. She has to stay overnight and we don’t know yet, when she will be released – in any case: we won’t drive on without her!

It is 8:45 the next day – today. Silvio and Thomas are sitting in a café in Lugo to inform you guys about this. Judy motherly watches Susi in the hospital. We will go back to the hospital too and will see how things evolve. We’ll keep you informed about everything tomorrow…

On the Wave

6. August 2012 in Fotos, Roadtrip | 4 Kommentare »

Today in the morning at three o’clock we finally found the beach near Bilbao that we so wanted to see. Before that we were driving around without any plan for three hours and also took five Spanish guys with us that finally showed us the way to the beach.
This day started humid. For the first time during this journey it was raining heavily, but we didn’t want that to disturb us and we really wanted to see that great beach. Rock formations that might have told us long stories built a frame around the sandy bay. The weather must have been perfect for all the surfers that used the morning hours to enjoy their passion. Alone with the sea, feeling the adrenaline, when you see your wave and jump into the water to ride it.
We interview some surfers and drive in direction of Galicia. We reach Langreo, where we want to camp at a river.