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Tennengauer News

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A recent article about us an our jouney published in Tennengauer News!

3rd Stage

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A short summary of the third and final stage of our wonderful project journey across Europe.

Here you can find an abstract of our first two stages of our journey:

Portuguese News

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For all of you guys that know Portuguese: the article that SOS-Portugal published about our project.

Coming Home

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We are on our way back home. It’s banal. We take the plane and have to transfer in Palma de Mallorca. It’s a strange feeling to see the countries that we’ve been to from above. It feels so abstract, so far away.
The last days in the SOS-Children’s Village in Bicesse were recreative for body and soul. We had time to experience the children’s village and get to know the kids and we could finally relax.
Bicesse is a small town half an hour drive from Lisbon. You can see the sea from the children’s village and the beaches there are beautiful. Once driving through the gate, you immediately see the white houses and a lot of green.
The first night already, we realized how naturally we were a part of the community. All the children’s village mothers and all the kids saw us as friends. Especially the director of the children’s village, Salvador, became a real good friend to us.
He made sure all the time that we got everything we need and fatherly cared for us. He is THE children’s village father and by far the most patient person one could imagine. He loves all “his” kids and is very proud of them. He is a calm person, but what he says has power. We are all really happy that we could meet him.
The farewell was really sad. We did some final interviews and suddenly everything was really stressful. We had a quick lunch at one of the houses and then we already had to leave for the airport.
We were all sad, when we finally had to say goodbye to Salvador in Lisbon, but we hope that we will see him again.

When we started this journey we were colleagues. We had organized a lot together, we had worked together, but we didn’t know each other really well. After this journey we are close friends, a real team. Nobody can take away the great memories from us and we grew with our experiences.
Our journey is finished, but our way together is not. So don’t forget us, there will be a lot more from us!


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We drove 4200 km; approx. 2500 Silvio, 1200 Tom, 500 Susi and half a meter in a parking lot Judy aswell. We didn’t sleep in the bus in just four nights. Susi and Judy also spent two nights in a hospital. We saw a lot of cities, several of them just from the car. We lost the way a lot, but we always found it in the end. We went through mountains and through lowlands, through velds and through meadows. Just on one day there was bad weather, we went to swim 6 times, once in a lake, once in a mountain river and for many many hours we were just sitting in the bus. We laughed and we worked, we were thinking and we also slept. For two weeks we lived in our bus and yesterday we finally arrived. Now there is no more driving. We’ve reached our goal!

Yesterday we left Redondela already at three in the morning, so that we would have enough time to tidy our bus for the handing over of the bus. At the gas station we cleaned the bus and just some kilometers in front of the children’s village, we dekorated it with balloong and two bows.
When we arrived, the minister of the Austrian embassy, Dr. Alexander Benedict, was already there and the director of the children’s village, Salvador Espiritu Santo, was expecting us. It was really great to see that the embassy appreciates our project that much and we were happy to feel that we were received as part of the village. Unfortunately the kids were at the beach when we came, but we could get to know them, when we had BBQ together.
Today we slept long, we were really exhausted from the last two weeks. We saw a presentation of the kids in a school and then the director of the village and some kids took us to the nicest place in the surroundings of Bicesse.
The people here care for us, the kids talk to us all the time and they don’t care that we don’t understand anything of what they are saying. We are completely integrated in the life of the village and we are so so happy to finally have arrived.