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Clash of Cultures

31. July 2012 in Fotos, Roadtrip | 2 Kommentare »

At half past four, we finally had a place to sleep that was perfect as we realized in the morning, when the Spanish guy in the mobile home next to us gave us some espresso. We also were directly at the coast and the fort he first time during this trip we could swim in the sea. We slept in the bus next tot he coastal road near Savona and honestly; it wasn’t that bad. Today we went from Savona to Monaco.
When driving the Circuit de Monaco several times, one can become a little unrealistic. We so didn’t fit in the Ferraris and Bentleys that are driving there.
Again team Silvio – Bus had to show its talent in driving steep roads and in the end we made it to Cannes, where we had some kebap . to protect our wallets.
Right now we are still astonished and impressed, as we saw the most wonderfully dekadent fireworks ever with the background music of Edith Piaf and Co. We were watching this perfectly choreographed event for half an hour at the Croisette.
In our lovely hippie-bus we’ll now search for a place to stay fort he night.

A Day, Dedicated to the Documentary

30. July 2012 in Fotos, Roadtrip | 1 Kommentar »

Most of the time today we stayed at the SOS-Children’s Village Summercamp in Caldonazzo. After the breakfast with some of the tutors we had our “Italian” writing event with some of the kids. At first there was a huge chaos, but soon the Italian girls were working very structured and organized and were finished quite soon. Some of the kids were late, but still could colour the letters and with that became an important part of our idea to make the bus a symbol that is carried through Europe.
In the summercamp the people were very interested in our project and it was no problem to find great interview partners for our documentary. Noon and afternoon were dedicated to the life in the camp. We are really thankful that we could spend at least some time in Caldonazzo and that we got to know so many wonderful and interesting people. It was a huge enrichment for us personally and for our project.
After packing our “driving office” we started the journey to Genug. This time we took motorways to guarantee that we could work calmly. Tom set up his working space in the back row. There he reviewed the film material and prepared to cut the first video clip.
The drive to Genua was really comfortable, we just had a little problem when driving off the motorway at the toll station, where the bounds didn’t want to let us drive through. We had to use hands and feet and some Italian words to explain to the toll guy that we actually had paid already and that we really wanted to pass.
For several hours already we are searching for wifi, so that we can write our promised daily update for today. We finally found a small hotel that allowed us to use their internet. Now we are sitting on the steps in front of the hotel in a small street and write for you guys. It’s already two o’clock already and we still don’t have a place to sleep, but we are positive that we will find a nice comfortable place to stay.

Alpine Stage

29. July 2012 in Fotos, Roadtrip | 1 Kommentar »

The journey started like so many journey from Austria to the South with a traffic jam (!) und that despite the fact that we started our day at half past four. At about five we had a breakfast sponsered by one of our most important helpers – Gernot Antosch and after that we started the tour to get some shots of the morning athmosphere. Again a big thank you to Ferry that supported us so much. After that the exhausting part of the journey started. Until Bozen we were driving on the motorway in the densest traffic jam and then we decided to take rural roads and had to show our navigation skills for the first time (We don’t have GPS, but just a road atlas!) We were fascinated by the landscape that passed us and time was flying until we reached the SOS-Children’s Village Summercamp in Caldonazzo.
The camp is an Eldorado for every child and offers everything that a child needs. It is situated directly at the lake and can accomodate 1000 people in houses and “army tents”. The kids can choose from a huge pool of activities that the different teams here design for them.
Two members of the Outdoor Team – Miriam and Matthias – forced us up and down the “Kaiserjägerstraße” (where we had to back down our bus in a tiny little tunnel) and with that allowed us the greatest view over the lake Caldonazzo and the lake Lévico.
Back in the camp our bus was discovered by the SOS-Children’s Village kids from Seekirchen and engrossed by them. They are all a little disappointed that “their” bus is on its way to Lisbon, but they are also really proud that their ideas are realized on our bus and will travel through Europe where so many people can admire their work.
After an exhausting first day on the road and the first 430km we now really feel that our journey started and we can’t believe that we just started this trip today in the morning.

Wouhou!! The Journey Starts!

28. July 2012 in Roadtrip | 5 Kommentare »

Guys, it’s unbelievable! We cannot even realize that we are on our way to Lisbon and that at the end of today we’ll be in the SOS-Children’s Village Summercamp in Caldonazzo, near Trient. The bus is really cozy and we feel very comfortable. Stay tuned!

Last Strokes of the Brush

12. July 2012 in Videos | Keine Kommentare »

Check this out! Last Saturday Silvio and Thomas had the mission to complete the SCHICKT UNS NACH LISSABON BUS. The bus had been parked in Ossiach am See (Carinthia) the last month and was painted by the artist Brigitte Mayr – according to the drafts of the kids from Seekirchen. With the almost complete bus the two drove back to Seekirchen to show it to the kids. With their help they gave it the second last tweak.