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Fresh from the Press

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Wow, that was quite something! For me (Judith) this day started at half past 6 in the morning, at seven I was already on my way to Hallein where Silvio was waiting at half past seven and at quarter to nine we were in Rosenheim (G) to get rid of our money for the bus! Now the only thing we had to do would be to get the costumes plates for the car – or that’s what we thought!
Another time we would not have had any chance without the great Mr. Meissl. He seemed to know that we would need his help again, when going to the registration office. What a good decision! In Rosenheim there are two registration offices. The one for the city is in the countryside and the one for the country is in the city. We had an appointment at the countryside – so to say at the registration office of the city. Who understands the Rosenheimers?
At the registration office (in the same building is also a wedding hall) Mr. Grießl was already waiting for us. If our beloved Mr. Meissl was not with us, Mr. Grießl would not have been able to help us with our request. Fyi: we had forgotten some very important thing: If you want a costums plate, you need a German bank account (if you don’t want to go to the tax office) Our dear Mr. Meissl, thank you so much for vouch for us.
A highlight – at least for me; the women there couldn’t understand it – was to see the pressing of our plates. There were pressed just when we came in. It was wonderful! And we could also take a “buidl” (Bavarian for picture).

Happy and a little tired, we drove back to the used car dealer, just to find out that we couldn’t open the petrol cap. The rust remover of Mr. Meissl helped after some time and we also saved the key, that Silvio threw away in joy after we defeated the petrol cap.
Now our beloved bus stands in Golling (A) with a beautiful plate from Rosenheim (roses’ home), where it gets the finishing. In about two weeks we will drive it to the Ossiachersee, where it will get its new face.

Our Visit at SOS-Children’s Village – Part 2

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As we reported earlier, a part of our team was visiting the SOS-Children’s Village in Seekirchen on May 11th and worked with seven ambitious children in a drawing workshop on the design for our bus. Here you can see the promised impressions of the drawing workshop and the touching impressions of the life at the SOS-Children’s Village in Seekirchen.

Visiting SOS-Children’s Village Seekirchen

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In the afternoon of May 11th, a part of our team got the possibility to visit SOS-Children’s Village in Seekirchen (Salzburg, A). The residents of the village gave us a very warm welcome and we got the chance to get some extremely personal views of everyday life in the SOS-Children’s Village and their little inhabitants!
Seven children of the village agreed to help us with the design for the bus and supported us in the most creative way. With our prepared video animations we showed the kids how our project works and they were highly impressed by the fact that their very designs would soon be seen on a bus that goes on such a long journey. Two long hours the children were drawing, erasing, sketching and painting. They almost couldn’t stop. Now we own numerous wonderful drawings, that will be combined to a complete artwork on our bus!

Pictures by Susanne Einzenberger

Following the drawing workshop we were led through the SOS-Children’s Village and had the most interesting talks with some of the SOS-Children’s Village mothers that could tell us a lot about the life in the village and the kids. A short video summary of our visit and the stories will be uploaded in the following days!
To reward us for an interesting, mind-expanding and wonderful day we jumped in the chilly water of the Wallersee!

The Wheels On The Bus…

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…go round and round… A day full of adventure comes to an end. It all started on Monday when Silvio found an adequate bus online and now we got a signed sales contract – just a few days later. Everything happens so fast right now! So fast that we forgot the GPS and had no idea, where the hell in Rosenheim we had to go. With the music of “The Who The What The Yeah”in the background we hit the road, but after a few minutes too long in Rosenheim Downtown, Mr. Willi Meisl (picture) decided to pick us up and lead us to the used car dealer. The first impression of the bus was great. It is perfect for the kids in Lisbon and a great canvas for the ideas of the kids from Seekirchen. The test drive went great and also the ADAC couldn’t find any serious problems, so we decided to sign the contract right away. The copying machine almost ate Judith’s driving license, but the technically experienced Mr. Meissl could safe it. We have a long journey ahead of us – she will need it!

Of course a press photo with the obligatory shake-hands was taken. We want to keep you informed

Next week we will have our drawing workshop at SOS-Children’s Village and the week after we will pick up the bus. Then we can really call it our own and drive to Carinthia, where an artist will paint it with the themes of the kids.

Stay tuned. The exciting phase has just begun!!!