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Welcome to the English Website of SCHICKT UNS NACH LISSABON

Finally we launched an English version of our website. From now on everybody can read about our project in German and English! WOUHOU!

As we don’t feel it is necessary to translate the past blog entries, you can read through a summary of our experiences here:

  • We started the project during summer 2010. The weblog went online on August 15 with the great help of KERSTIN (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!).

  • Our idea to help a children’s home or orphanage by giving them a unique present came up spontaneously and grew more and more.

  • We got in contact with SOS-Children’s Village, whose branch in Bicesse (near Lisbon) needs a minibus for the kids there, and sealed the deal in November 2010, when we finally could show the logo on our website.

  • Since December 2010 it is possible to purchase SCHICKT UNS NACH LISSABON goodies like T-shirts and buttons. (check this out here)

  • We decided to host three charity concerts and went to check out locations. The first one took place in Golling/Salzburg at the Devil’s Corner in May 2011 (WHAT THE FUCK IS SCHICKT UNS NACH LISSABON?). Three local heroes from the indie-scene of Salzburg supported us. It was a complete success. Even the “Salzburger Nachrichten” wrote about us.

  • Just a month later there was a concert of a youth choir in Vienna (EIN HALLELUJAH FÜR SCHICKT UNS NACH LISSABON) The concert was SOLD OUT!

  • After that we took our time to organize the last charity concert. We met online every week to discuss and define our aims. It was a challenge as the core team lives all over Austria, but if you work together you can achieve a lot.

  • THE LAST DANCE FOR LISSABON finally took place in Vienna in February 2012. The visitors saw four unique acts. We are thankful for the support of amazing musicians and our team of volunteers. With your help we managed to raise the money for the bus and we are eager to realize our idea now.